Frequently Asked Questions

What wax do you use?
We use a custom soy blend wax - natural, sustainable, and non-toxic. You can expect an even and long-lasting burn from our candles.

Do you use essential oils?
We use high-quality, clean fragrance oils that are specifically made for candles and contain essential oil components.

What about dyes or other additives?
No , our candles contain wax and fragrance oil only.

What size candle do I need for my space?
Our 200 ml candle works great in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Larger rooms or spaces with high ceilings or open floor plans would need our larger 400 ml candle for the best fragrance permeation. You can also have multiple candles of the same scent, or mix and match them for your own unique blend.

Can your containers be reused?
Yes! Once there is about 1/4 inch of wax left, stop using the candle. Use caution and care when removing the remaining wax, wicks and any labeling. Our suggestion is to gently scrape out the wax and wicks/wick stickers with a plastic utensil (discard all wax in the trash - never put wax down the drain or garbage disposal). Then place the container in hot soapy water to soften any residue and labels, and wash, rinse and dry the inside of your container only avoid the outside. Note: we assume no liability for candle containers or subsequent results of reuse by the consumer, once purchased.

Do you ship outside the UAE?
Not for now. We currently only deliver all over Dubai and Sharjah, due to Covid restrictions we are unable to deliver to any other emirate at the moment.