From The Arabs is an Emirati brand created to preserve and modernize our culture for what it's famously known for: our fragrances. Arabic scents have been underappreciated in the home fragrance world. Being rarely seen in candles, room sprays, diffusers, etc. which is why we wanted to shed light on what our culture is proudly known for. Creating unique scents usually found in Emirati homes in the forms of bikhor, incense, or raw material in a more straightforward, user-friendly way in the form of candles. Our products are authentic, completely made by hand, and 100% locally sourced in the UAE. Each one of our pieces is entirely unique because of the craftsmanship and pottery work that goes into creating them.

Our inspiration for our brand came from preserving our grandmother's famous bikhor recipes. In an attempt to modernize it, we started creating home fragrances inspired by traditional Arabic scents and using her signature recipes in different forms. We wanted to tap into the field of Arabic flavors in a way, never been done before. This led us to create our first line of candles, which embodies our vision as a brand. Everything from our hand-thrown ceramic pots to the scents and even the look of the candle's flame was explicitly designed to bring to life our vision.